Homes for Hope

Scan this business card to view a sample of the AR...

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2D Flier becomes 3D – Concept for Builders

Scan this image to review an AR concept for Builders With Geo Location technology today, Home Builders can show potential buyers how a model home looks on a specific piece of property in real time.  Additionally, customers can view how a different style of door or different paint color might look on their future home.  Once this flier is scanned with the Layar application, both concepts will appear on your device. (iPad, Smart Phone or Google Glasses).  The top photograph of the construction site will show a residential home in 3D while, the bottom photograph shows a variety of door options through a short slide show.  The customer is easily able to visualize the different choices that are...

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Business Card with Augmented Reality

Scan this image to review the AR solution An ordinary business card comes alive once it is scanned with the Layar application.  The example shown is from a national association called Builder Partnerships, and as a result of AR – now contains as much information as a brochure.  Once activated, a two-way communication tool is also available for the viewer to...

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Tradeshow Banner

Scan this image to view a sample of the AR Solution. Banner is transformed into a more informative visual as the tradeshow attendee can scan it and view a video about E-Science Labs and their products. Potential clients can respond directly to the manufacturer through call-to-action buttons included in the informative...

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Marketing Piece for Realtors

Scan this image to view a sample of the AR Solution. This flier was created for the purpose of showing Realtors how augmented reality can be used in their industry. Property fliers, signage and business cards have interactive video including home tours, personal messages from the realtor and call-to-action...

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